Unique Baby Names

We have 2088 Unique Baby Names in our list.

Today parents mostly opt for unique names for their babies. Here we have list of Unique Baby Boy Names & Unique Baby Girl Names where you can find perfect unique name for your baby. While choosing a unique baby name you are required to consider your child’s future individuality and also keeping in mind all the situations where an uncommon or unique name may affect them.

Atira Pray ,  Hebrew word meaning prayer
Atish Fire ,  Splendor ,  Explosive ,  A dynamic person ,  Fireworks ,  One of names of lord ganesha
Auburn Redbrown ,  A reddish brown or golden colour
Auden Ancient friend ,  English old friend ,  Scandinavian deserted ,  Desolate ,  Variant of alden
Audi The last daughter
Audria Germanic noble strength ,  Nobility and strength ,  Nobility ,  A variant of name audrey
Augusta Exalted ,  Majestic and grand
Aulani Kings messenger
Aulii Something which is very delicious
Aura Breeze ,  Cloud ,  Rain ,  They are soft and gentle breeze ,  Energetic and optimistic
Aurelian Gilded ,  Golden ,  An emperor who is golden colored ,  Broadminded
Aurelie Latin golden haired ,  Soft breeze ,  Golden ,  A variant of aurelia
Aurelius Gilded ,  Golden ,  Latin golden haired ,  Derived from the elements aureus meaning golden
Auren Heard or laurel ,  A variant of name is auron
Auryon English a great huntress
Austine Latin august ,  Dignified ,  Holy ,  Worthy of respect ,  Great ,  Magnificent ,  A form of name augusta
Avalbane A beautiful white orchard ,  Filled with flowers
Avalon Apple tree island ,  Name of a paradise island ,  An apple
Avari Old french inspired advice ,  Old peace ,  Of the heavensfrom the sky ,  A variant of name avery
Avarielle English woman of great strength ,  Powerful ,  Small and strong woman ,  A variant of name avariella
Aveline Longed for ,  One who has waited for a child ,  Hazelnut
Aven Iniquity ,  Force ,  Riches ,  Sorrow ,  Gaelic powerful river
Avia God is my father ,  Germanic bird ,  Strength ,  Desired ,  Hebrew yahweh is my father ,  Bearer of good news ,  Modern blend of ava and ana
Aviva Season of spring ,  They are full of youth and springtime
Avon The one who is fertile and is a river
Avril Open ,  The month of april
Awen A muse ,  Interesting person
Awendela Fawn ,  They are interesting
Ayala A doe or a gazelle
Ayame Iris ,  The one who can see perfectly
Ayasha Native american little one ,  Arabic one who lives well ,  One who has a good life
Ayita Beloved ,  First to dance
Ayman Lucky ,  Righteous ,  He who is on the right ,  Blessed ,  Right hand ,  A right headed and blessed individual
Ayoka African yoruban one who causes joy all round ,  A variant of ayo
Aysel Moon stream ,  A stream of moon ,  Fortunate
Aysha Alive and well ,  Arabic life ,  One who lives well ,  One who has a good life
Az A strong and powerful person
Azana Call to prayer ,  Inspires everyone
Azia The name of the continent used as a given name ,  According to the koran the pharaohs wife asia raised the infant moses ,  A variant of aisha ,  (life) ,  From the east ,  Arabic rising ,  A variant form of asia
Aziza Precious ,  One who is very precious
Azizi Precious ,  Arabic beloved ,  Precious one ,  Treasure ,  Valuable
Azra Maiden ,  The one who is a virgin
Azura One who is of sky blue color
Azure Sky ccolor ,  Lapis lazuli
Baba Father ,  Old ,  Cute baby ,  Sweet baby ,  Born on thursday ,  Young lad
Baina One who is glittering with radiance
Baird Minstrel ,  One who is the son of bard
Bairn One who is a child at heart
Bambina Italian little girl ,  Baby girl
Banji Second born of twins
Banks From a hillside ,  Riverbank ,  Edge of the river
Banner A colonial origin banner meaning flag
Barack Blessed
Barak Fire bolt ,  Thunder ,  Or in vain ,  African blessed ,  Hebrew lightning ,  A variant of name barack
Barclay Wood from a birch tree ,  Meadow of the birch tree
Barnabas The son of encouragement ,  Son of a missionary
Barrington A troublesome tribe ,  Person ,  Town of barr