Unique Baby Names starting with Z

We have 48 Unique Baby Names starting with Z in our list.

Today parents mostly opt for unique names for their babies. Here we have list of Unique Baby Boy Names & Unique Baby Girl Names where you can find perfect unique name for your baby. While choosing a unique baby name you are required to consider your child’s future individuality and also keeping in mind all the situations where an uncommon or unique name may affect them.

Zabel Name of a king of the country of the dimamai
Zabrina Fruitful desert flower ,  A form of sabrina meaning princess
Zada Fortunate ,  Prosperous ,  Fortunate prosperous ,  Huntress ,  Lucky one ,  To increase ,  A variant spelling of zaida
Zafirah Victory ,  Triumphant successful ,  Victorious ,  Winner
Zahara Radiance ,  To shine to bloom
Zahavah Golden
Zahi One who is beautiful and brilliant
Zahina A very sharp mind
Zahrah White ,  Flower
Zaida To raise ,  Boost ,  Fortunate ,  Prosperous ,  Proserous
Zaila Beautiful ,  Good looking ,  Charming
Zaina Lovely ,  Pretty ,  Beauty ,  A girl who is exceptionally beautiful
Zakiya Intelligent (swahili)
Zalika A wellborn child ,  Wondrously beautiful ,  Well born ,  Shady ,  Quiet ,  Peaceful ,  Prosperous ,  One who is well born
Zamir Beautiful voice ,  Songbird
Zamora Praised
Zan Providing support
Zanna Lily ,  Hebrew yahweh is gracious ,  Yahweh is merciful ,  Gods gift ,  A variant form of jane and zana
Zarek Hebrew yahweh will protect ,  Baal protect the king
Zarina Of gold ,  Golden
Zaynah Beautiful
Zeal One who has great energy ,  A very enthusiastic man ,  A passionate man
Zeb God lends
Zedekiah Sacrifice of god
Zeena A hospitable woman ,  Welcoming ,  Power of zeus
Zenith From the highest point ,  The very top ,  Highest point on the celestial sphere
Zephan Short form of zephaniah meaning treasured by god
Zephaniah Treasured by god
Zephyr Westerly wind ,  Wind
Zero Empty ,  Void ,  Empty void ,  Zeroe and zeroh are variant names of zero
Zeus King of gods
Zevi Deer
Zhi Wise person
Zia Light ,  Splendor ,  To tremble ,  A kind of grain ,  Enlightened ,  One who unities ,  Kind of grain
Ziarre Goddess of the sky
Ziggy Victorious ,  Victory protection its also a diminutive of sigmund or siegfried
Zinnia Zinnia flower
Zipporah Hebrew bird ,  Derived from the element tsippowr which means bird the name was borne by the wife of moses in the bible
Ziva Shining ,  Bright ,  Radiant ,  Brillance ,  Brightness ,  A glow ,  Splendor ,  A lively woman
Zoltan King ,  Ruler ,  Sultan ,  Ruler or sultan
Zorion Happy ,  Old greek limit ,  Boundary ,  Zorion is a variant form of the name orion which means limit
Zosia Woman of wisdom
Zoya Life ,  Alive ,  Shining ,  Loving or affectionate ,  Beautiful
Zula Unclear ,  Brilliant ahead
Zuleika The fair one ,  Brilliant and lovely
Zyanya Eternally ,  Forever always