Unique Baby Names starting with P

We have 49 Unique Baby Names starting with P in our list.

Today parents mostly opt for unique names for their babies. Here we have list of Unique Baby Boy Names & Unique Baby Girl Names where you can find perfect unique name for your baby. While choosing a unique baby name you are required to consider your child’s future individuality and also keeping in mind all the situations where an uncommon or unique name may affect them.

Pacey From pacy ,  Of easter ,  A variant of pascal ,  Pacey is a form of pacy
Paco French man ,  Germanic frenchman ,  Free one ,  A diminutive of the name francisco
Padma Lotus flower ,  Lotus ,  Goddess lakshmi ,  One of many names of goddess lakshmi
Page Young servant ,  An attendant ,  A willful and wishful person
Paley One with the pale eyes
Paolo Tiny ,  Petite ,  A small person ,  Tiny individual
Parisa Fairylike ,  Angelic ,  Like a fairy ,  Angelic face ,  A derived name from pari which means fairy
Parson Employed by a minister of the church ,  An occupational name for a priest
Pascal Easterrelated ,  A person with idealistic and sensitive nature
Pascale Easterrelated ,  One who is born on passover
Pasha Small ,  Humble ,  A lord ,  Net ,  Snare ,  A turkish name ,  Bond
Passion One with strong desire or passion
Patch A form of peter ,  To fight
Pax One who is of roman mythology of peace
Paz Peace ,  One who is a peace loving individual
Pebbles One who is like small rock
Penn A hill ,  One who belongs to a meadow
Peony Name given to a healing flower
Percival Pierce the valley ,  Name of a knight ,  From the valley
Peri A name given to a fairy ,  A fruit
Perrin One who likes to travel ,  A rock
Persephone One who is born to destroy
Perseus One who destroys ,  Son of zeus who is born to destroy
Phaedra Bright ,  Radiant ,  One who is bright entertaining and passionate
Phailin Thai sapphire ,  A variant of phaelyn
Philippa Friend of horses ,  A lover and friend of horses
Phillipa One who is the lover of horses ,  A friend
Philomena Strong love ,  One who has a feeling of love
Phineas Oracle ,  Soothsayer ,  The mouth of snake or an oracle
Phinnaeus Variation of phineas or oracle
Phyre One who can burn bright and shine away
Pippa She who loves horses
Pixie A tiny green pintyeared fary
Pooky A petitte sweet cute person
Posy God raises ,  A bundle a bunch of flowers
Potter One who makes storage and dringing vessels
Prentice One who is serving an apprenticeship ,  A pupil a learner of the trade
Prescott From near a priests residence ,  The cottage that belongs to the priest
Primrose The first rose ,  The very first rose
Priya The dear one ,  Beloved one ,  Loved one ,  Darling ,  Loving to everyone ,  Dear one ,  Beloved in sanskrit ,  Beloved ,  Dearmost ,  Affectionate person
Prosper Fortune ,  Roman goddess
Prudence Provident ,  Cautious ,  A cautios careful woman with good judgement
Prue Provident ,  Cautious ,  A woman whose judgement is good
Pryce Old welsh son of the ardent one ,  A variant of the name price
Psyche A soulful person one whose soul is pure
Purity An innocence cleanness a pure person
Pyralis One made of fire