Unique Baby Names starting with H

We have 54 Unique Baby Names starting with H in our list.

Today parents mostly opt for unique names for their babies. Here we have list of Unique Baby Boy Names & Unique Baby Girl Names where you can find perfect unique name for your baby. While choosing a unique baby name you are required to consider your child’s future individuality and also keeping in mind all the situations where an uncommon or unique name may affect them.

Haben Pride pleasure satisfaction
Hades Not being seen ,  Unseen ,  Dark god of the underworld ,  A variant of haides
Hadrian Someone from hadria ,  Fascinating a ndcentury roman emperor built a wall across northern britain
Hagan Fire ,  Young (in gaelic) little hugh (in irish) strong defender (in teutonic )
Haile African power ,  Old english nook retreat ,  A variant of hale
Hakan One who rules ,  Noble ,  Of the highest race ,  Exalted son ,  Emperor ,  Ruler ,  Fire (usa) ,  Highborn(scandinavian) ,  Emperor ruler fire (usa) highborn(scandinavian)
Halden Half dane ,  Old norse half dane ,  English from denmark
Halen Valley ,  Hall
Halia Aware ,  Knowing ,  Remembrance of a loved one ,  Memorial
Halo Purest light ,  Divine light ,  Shinning light
Halona Iroquois indian meaning happy fortune
Halyn Unique ,  Not very common
Hamilton Bare hill ,  Mutilated crooked and dun hill
Hamish Edge ,  Corner ,  Supplanter ,  Derived from word seumas a scottish form of james
Hampton Homestead within a settlement ,  Homestead farm
Hanley Place name from the high meadow
Hannan God was compassionate ,  Warm feelings pleasant sensations feeling happy
Hanne Grace charm elegance
Hansel God is merciful ,  Hebrew yahweh is gracious yahweh is merciful ,  A variant of name john
Hart Fast runner ,  Strong brave stag
Hartley Hart clearing ,  Dear field
Haru Born in the spring ,  Clear up ,  Sun ,  Sunlight
Haruki A wooded spring ,  Spring wood ,  Clear up radiance ,  Sunshine
Haruko Spring child ,  Sunshine ,  Clear up radiance ,  First born child
Hasana Good deed ,  Kind act ,  Favour ,  Elegant ,  Good ,  Cheerful ,  Beautiful ,  Pretty ,  Fair ,  A variant of hasina
Hateya Press with the foot or make tracks (miwak language)
Havana Calling ,  Invocation ,  The sacrifice ,  The capital city of cuba
Havily From the stretch of sand
Hawk Old norse falcon ,  Bird of prey
Haydn Fire
Hazelle Variation of hazel
Heaton From a farm on a hill ,  Enclosure settlement
Helaine Bright brilliant vivid
Helia Sun
Henri Ruler of the house ,  Ruler of an enclosure
Hera Heroine ,  Queen of heaven ,  Queen of heaven protectress
Hermione Good messenger ,  Messenger or earthly
Hesper Evening star
Hiroshi Generosity ,  Generous ,  Benevolent ,  Tolerant
Hogan Youthful person ,  Irish gaelic youthful one ,  A variant is hagan
Holiday Holy day off working day
Holt A den or an area of woodland
Honey Honey ,  Sweet as honey ,  Sweetheart ,  Beloved ,  Sweet ,  Adorable ,  Sweet liquid
Honor Woman of honor ,  Latin honored ,  Honorable
Honora Latin honored ,  Honorable ,  Derived from the name honor ,  Variant of honoria
Horatio A keeper of time ,  A variant of horaz ,  Hour in time
Hoshi Star
Hoshiko Japanese star
Hotaru Japanese firefly
Howie Heart brave
Humphrey Fighter of peace ,  Calm fighter
Hyacinth Hyacinth flower ,  A name of the flower