Unique Baby Names starting with D

We have 97 Unique Baby Names starting with D in our list.

Today parents mostly opt for unique names for their babies. Here we have list of Unique Baby Boy Names & Unique Baby Girl Names where you can find perfect unique name for your baby. While choosing a unique baby name you are required to consider your child’s future individuality and also keeping in mind all the situations where an uncommon or unique name may affect them.

Dacey Adored ,  The one from noble background
Dacia A woman from dacia ,  The one from south
Dacian Name of an ancient place
Daffodil Narcissus flower ,  Rare flower
Dagan Corn or grain ,  Name of a little fish
Dagmar Maid of the day ,  A mother
Daire Fertility ,  Fertile land
Daisuke Impressive ,  Great help ,  The large one
Dajuan God is gracious and merciful
Dalila Delicate ,  Gentleness is her soul ( swahili origin ) ,  A desired individual
Dallan Blind individual
Dallon The blind man
Damali One with best vision
Damani Soothing
Damara Gentle girl ,  Calf ,  An educated woman
Damek A tamer on earth
Damia One who subdues
Damir Provides peace
Damita Little princess ,  Little noble woman ,  A little noble lady
Danniell A promise by god
Dannon God will rule
Danton Love from god
Danya A darling individual
Danyl A passionate lover ,  Judge of character
Daray Dark skinned
Darielle Royal name for a princess
Darra Small great one ,  Riches ,  Wisdom ,  Oak tree
Darshan Sight ,  View ,  To perceive ,  Vision ,  Philosophy ,  Paying respect ,  Vision of progress
Darya Sea ,  One who is good
Dasan Vasan ,  A chief
Dasha Gift sent from god
Dashiell Coming from chiel ,  A rare name
Dason A combination name
Dava Wine ,  Water ,  Version of david meaning beloved
Davan Yadav ,  A fascinating name
Daveigh One who is much loved
Davida Adored ,  Adopted from hebrew ,  Beloved person
Day A female servant ,  Hope
Daylin A beautiful and productive day
Dayshaun Gods gift for the normal people
Dea Godlike ,  Goddess ,  Valley ,  A goddess ,  One who rules
December The tenth one ,  Tenth month of the calender ,  Pure one
Deiondre A valley which is filled with flowers
Deirdra Melancholy of the broken heart
Dejanae Gift sent from the gracious god
Delaine A growing individual ,  Alder tree
Delfina Name of a saint ,  One from delphi
Delicia Joy ,  Delight ,  Delightful one ,  Person who gives pleasure
Delphina Woman from delphi ,  One who came out of womb ,  A blessed one
Delta Delta letter ,  One who is born fourth
Dempsey Proud person ,  A proud and creative individual
Denali Great one ,  The one who has the greatest personality
Denim Another name for a strong cloth ,  A word name
Deo Godlike ,  Dev ,  A godlike powerful figure
Desdemona Afraid of god ,  Misery or unlucky name of shakespeares heroine
Deva Deity ,  Celestial spirit ,  Divine and spiritual being
Devi Goddess of all ,  Lord ,  Cute ,  Goddess