Unique Baby Names

We have 1929 Unique Baby Names in our list.

Today parents mostly opt for unique names for their babies. Here we have list of Unique Baby Boy Names & Unique Baby Girl Names where you can find perfect unique name for your baby. While choosing a unique baby name you are required to consider your child’s future individuality and also keeping in mind all the situations where an uncommon or unique name may affect them.

Aadi First ,  Most important ,  Most importantbeginning ,  Starting ,  Source form of life
Aaralyn An american name meaning with song ,  A woman with song
Abana This biblical name means strong personality made with a stone
Abba Father ,  Somber ,  Preist
Abbott Father ,  Fatherpreist ,  Father of abbey
Abcde Means first five amazing letters of alphabet
Abeni African yoruban we asked for her now she is ours ,  Someone who is prayed for ,  A variant of name abena
Abia God is my father ,  Great
Abiba African the first child born after death of grandmother ,  Abeaba and abeabah are the variant spellings of abiba
Abilene Born where the grass grows ,  Hebrew grass ,  A plain ,  A biblical name which appeared as region in syria
Abner My father is luminous ,  The father of light
Abra Mother of multitude ,  Example ,  Lesson ,  Example lesson
Abrianna Mother of many nations
Abrienda The opening or the inauguration
Absolom My father is peace
Acacia The wood of the acacia tree was used to build the tabernacle
Acadia The land that have plenty the land of plenty
Accalia One who is the mother of gods