Tomboy Names

We have 38 Tomboy Names in our list.

Tomboyish names are meant for girls. Tomboy names for girls are widely searched names. Cute tomboy names having girls acts and dresses like a boy, liking noisy, physical activities. Tomboy names girls give 0 fucks about what is going on or who talks about them. They'd rather spend the day in the mud wrestling with their friends then to stay inside painting their nails.

Aidan Like a fire ,  Little and fiery
Alex Protector of humanity ,  Protector of mankind
Ally Noble ,  Graceful ,  Arabic high ,  Lofty ,  Sublime ,  Germanic of a noble kind ,  Greek defender ,  A variant of ali
Ange Gods messenger ,  An angel who is inspirational and idealistic
Annie Gracious ,  Merciful ,  Variation of hannah ,  A beautiful prayer ,  Grace
Arizona Little spring ,  Silver bearing ,  Also means a name for a spring
Ashley Meadow of ash trees ,  Dwells at the ash tree meadow ,  Ashtree meadow ,  Ash wood ,  One who lives in the groves of an ash tree
Avery Ruler of elves ,  Confirmation ,  They are an elf ruler ,  A sage
Bailey Governor ,  Bailiff ,  An administrator or a manager ,  A goddess
Billie Will to protect ,  Italian beautiful ,  Germanic will ,  Desire ,  Helmet ,  Protection ,  Defender of justice
Bobbie Stranger ,  Foreigner ,  Bright famous one ,  Famously famous
Frankie Woman from france ,  Modified from the name frank the name means a frank or frenchman who is free
Gigi Virgin woman ,  Gigi is a female name of greek origin it means earth worker
Hadley Meadow of heathers ,  From the heath covered meadow
Harley Meadow in the woods ,  From the hares meadow ,  The long field ,  Hare clearing ,  Heap of rocks ,  Name of a place ,  Hare wood or meadow
Harper Harp player ,  Maker ,  Harpist ,  One who plays the harp ,  Old english harp player ,  Harp harpar harpo and harpor are few variants of harper
Hayden Living in hay vale ,  Heathergrown hill
Hunter One who hunts ,  A person who hunts wildlife