Strong Baby Names

We have 95 Strong Baby Names in our list.

Looking for Strong baby names for boy or Strong baby girl names you've come to the right place. We have strong baby names boy with their meaning to help you chose a good name for your bay boy. Some parents don't opt for trendy names rather they choose strong baby boy names.

Ace The best one ,  One one unit
Alexander Defender of man ,  Helper and defender of mankind ,  Protector of mankind ,  Warrior ,  Defender of men ,  Defender of mankind
Archer Bowman ,  An english bowman usually a surname
Arlo Between two hills ,  Manly strong
Audrey Of noble strength ,  Old word meaning divine and strength
Bernard As strong as a bear ,  Bold as a bear
Blake Dark ,  Fair ,  Pale
Blythe Joyful ,  Happy
Braelyn Unclear ,  A beautiful attractive hill
Bryce Speckled ,  A noblemans male child
Caroline Free woman ,  A blissful happy song
Cecily Blinded ,  A woman who is dimsighted
Charlotte Free woman ,  Feminine form of charles ,  Freeman
Christopher Bearing christ ,  Bearer of jesus christ
Claire Bright ,  Clear ,  Appealing to everyone ,  Bright and clear
Clara Bright ,  Clear ,  One who is distinguished clear and bright
Clark A member of religious order ,  A recordist ,  Copyist ,  Secretary ,  One who copies one data to the other
Clinton A settlement near the river glyme ,  Derived from the name of an english place
Clyde From the river clyde ,  A term used for men living near or on the bank of the river clyde
Dean Dweller in a valley ,  Chief of a valley ,  Leader
Delany One who comes from a river
Duke A leader of men ,  The royalty title used as nickname
Edith Fighting to be rich ,  Prosperous in war
Edward Wealthy guard ,  One who is like a rich guard
Eleanor Sympathy ,  Compassion ,  One with bright and shining personality
Elizabeth Promise of god ,  One who provides satisfaction and fullness
Evelyn Longed for ,  A hebrew name which means to breathe or live or life
Ezra Gods help ,  One who loves to help others
Fiona Fair woman ,  White or fair (latinised version of fionna)
Frances Woman from france ,  A feminine replacement for franceis which refers to a french person or a free person
Genevieve Leader of the tribe ,  Tirbe woman
George Farming man ,  Farmer ,  A derivative of greek word georgos meaning farmer ,  A tiller of the soil ,  Earth worker
Georgia Farming woman ,  Feminine form of george
Graham Gravel homestead ,  A boy from the gray house gray is the sign of intelligence
Grant Great ,  Large ,  Tall ,  Derived from the anglonorman graund graunt meaning tall
Greer Cautious person ,  They are very warm and friendlythey have spiritual natuer and peaceful mind
Gwenyth White fair they are good natured approacable blessed and good natured
Hadley Meadow of heathers ,  From the heath covered meadow
Harvey A battle with a worthy opponent ,  Warrior soldier
Hazel Hazel tree ,  The hazelnet tree
Helena Torch of light ,  Spiritual light ,  N mythology the abduction of zeuss mortal daughter helen sparked the trojan war
Henry Ruler of the house ,  Estate ruler
Isaac One who brings laughter ,  He will laugh he will rejoice
Jake God is merciful ,  Hebrew yahweh may protect ,  Holder of heel ,  Supplanter ,  A diminutive of name jacob
James Following after ,  One who undermines
Josephine God raises ,  The name means may god give
Joyce Of the lord ,  Rejoicing ,  The word means rejoicing people with this name have prominent part in their career and have capability to make others happy
Jude To praise ,  They are very kind to others believe in charity nobel blessed and honored by others
Juliet Softhaired ,  They love their life and have eternal spirit they have a touching personality ans easily inspire others
Katherine Chaste ,  Pure ,  Katherine is a greek name and means pure
Kennedy Protected with helmet ,  Kennedy means helmeted chief
Kit Kit means carrier of christ
Lance Land ,  Region ,  Godlike ,  Servant
Leo Lion man ,  Latin word meaning lion
Leonard Strong like the lion ,  Lionlike brave man
Lillian Lily flower ,  Blend of lily and ann ,  Variant of lillian ,  Symbol of innocence ,  Purity ,  Beauty ,  Lily ,  From the name of the flower lily symbol for pure beauty
Lloyd Gray haired person ,  A gray man