Princess Names

We have 76 Princess Names in our list.

Adele Graceful ,  Noble ,  A short form of adelaide
Adelina Graceful ,  Noble ,  A form of adeline
Adrianna Woman from adria ,  From harida
Ailani High chief ,  Chief leader
Aisha One who is alive ,  Living ,  Prosperous ,  Lively ,  Woman ,  Life ,  She is life ,  Alive ,  Wife of prophet muhammad ,  Joy ,  Happiness ,  Lively woman life ,  Aisha was the name of the favorite wife of the prophet mohammed ,  The one who is characterized by success or having favorable outcome in some cases it also means living
Alessandra Protector of humanity ,  Form of alexandra
Alexandra Protector of humanity ,  Shelter provider of mankind
Alyssa Noble ,  Graceful ,  Mother goddess who is rational trustworthy noble and provides great happiness full of sanity
Amelia Hardworking ,  Trustworthy ,  Beautiful ,  The one who is industrious hard working and fertile
Anastasia Resurrection ,  Coming again
Andromeda To be aware of man ,  A mindful of men ,  The one who excel over others
Angelina Gods messenger ,  The holy angels of god sent from heaven
Antoinette Invaluable ,  Queen of france ,  Beautiful flower
Arabella Adorable ,  A beautiful lovable and sweet individual
Aria Air ,  Aryan ,  Gentle music ,  Brings rain ,  Man ,  Pledge ,  Feminine of arien ,  Melody ,  The one who is lion of the lords ,  Air song or melody
Ariana The holiest one ,  Very holy one ,  The pure and holy one
Ariel Gods lion ,  Lion of god
Aspasia Welcoming ,  Name of the lover pericles
Astra Like a star ,  Latin word for stars
Bianca The white one ,  White ,  Light ,  Shining ,  A shakespearean baby name meaning tragedy of othello mistress of cassio
Gaia From the earth ,  Refers to the planet where human being can be lived
Genesis The beginning ,  Origin
Genevieve Leader of the tribe ,  Tirbe woman
Gia God is merciful ,  Italian name meaning god is gracious
Gianna God is merciful ,  Gianna is an italian female name the meaning of the name is the lord is gracious
Giovanna God is merciful ,  Giovanna is an italian name that means the gift from god
Giselle Oath ,  Pledge or hostage
Giulia Softhaired ,  The meaning of the name giulia is youthful
Giustina Fair ,  Rightful ,  The name giustina means just fair
Gwen Blessed bow ,  Gwen means white white color is the sign of holiness so gwen also means as holy
Gwyneth Happy woman ,  Blessed white fair
Haley Meadow of hay ,  Clearing meadow
Harmony Harmony ,  Harmony is musical combination of chords ,  Peace and agreement
Holly Holly tree ,  Plant with red berries
Iesha One who is alive ,  Alive ,  She who lives
Ilana Born on a tree
Isabel Promise of god ,  My god is an oath
Jael Wild as a mountain goat ,  Mountain goat ,  Hebrew mountain goat ,  Biblical he that ascends ,  Kid
Jasmine Jasmine flower ,  A flower ,  Fragrant flower ,  Flower of jasmine ,  Gift from god ,  A plant in the olive family ,  Name of the jasmin flower
Jocelyn German tribal person ,  Jocelyn name means someone who is a member of a gauts tribe
Juliet Softhaired ,  They love their life and have eternal spirit they have a touching personality ans easily inspire others
Kaia Chaste ,  Pure ,  Kaia name means the sea
Katelyn Chaste ,  Pure ,  From katherine and lynn ,  The meaning of the name is she who is pure
Kayla Chaste ,  Pure ,  Arabic meaning is wise child hebrew meaning is who is like god
Krystal Ice looking ,  A clear ,  Brilliant glass ,  Ice ,  Follower of christ ,  The name means she follows christ
Kyra Little dark girl ,  Kyra means throne sun
Lana Valuable ,  Precious ,  To be gentle ,  Soft ,  Tender ,  Variation of alan which means little rock harmony or concord
Larissa Woman from citadel ,  A safe protected place like a citadel of a fortress
Laura Bay laurel tree ,  Person crowned with laurels
Leilani Heavenly woman ,  A child that is of royal blood
Lizette Promise of god ,  Her life is her oath to god
Lourdes From lourdes ,  Name refering to the virgin mary
Madison Matthews child ,  Son of a mighty warrior
Maria Rebellious woman ,  Bitter or sea of bitterness ,  Variation of mary or miriam which means bitter or wishedfor child
Marian Rebellious ,  A sea of bitterness
Maya Born in the month of may ,  A princess ,  Durga ,  To increase ,  Mother or great one ,  Water ,  Truth and everlasting ,  Wealth ,  Dream ,  Abbreviation of amalia ,  Industrious ,  Striving ,  Work ,  Variant of maia ,  Illusion ,  Illusion in sanskrit ,  Uncertain ,  Perhaps mother or great one ,  Imaginative ,  Magical
Mia Rebellious woman ,  The person who is dearly to everyone