Places For Names

We have 76 Places For Names in our list.

Africa Cave ,  Pleasant in gaelic origin ,  It also represents sun (without cold)
Albany Coming from alba ,  White fair
America America ,  A home ruler
Asiah Unclear ,  Woman ,  One who is alive and well
Aspen The aspen tree
Austin Exalted ,  One who has a magic dignity ,  Great person
Avalon Apple tree island ,  Name of a paradise island ,  An apple
Boston From boston ,  A place name one who got the name after boston a city in massachusetts usa
Brooklyn From the land of the broken ,  A stream of water a brook
Cairo One who is victorious ,  One who is victrious
Catalina Chaste ,  Pure ,  Proud ,  Warlike ,  A woman of great purity
Chad War ,  Soldier ,  A saint ,  They protect and are defender
Charleston Free man ,  Name of a place in america
Charlotte Free woman ,  Feminine form of charles ,  Freeman
Cheyenne Alien speakers ,  Born dancer ,  Tribe of the great plains
Cleveland A hilly region ,  A land that is hilly ,  A land covered by hills ,  A hilly land
Colorado Colorful ,  Derived from the state of colorado or the red river in colorado
Columbus A dove ,  A small white bird dove used as a symbol of peace