Last Names For First Names

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Adams From adam ,  The person who is made of earth
Aldrich Wise sage
Armstrong Strong ,  Powerful ,  English man with a strong arm in battle ,  Variant names are armstrang and armstron
Ashford Living beside the ash tree ford ,  One who lives by the ash tree ford
Axton From a stone town ,  English stone ,  Castle
Baker In charge of royal kitchen ,  One who keeps the communal kitchen
Baldwin Bold friend ,  It means a bold and brave friend
Barnes Very young warrior ,  Near the barns
Barnett Living on a land cleared by fire ,  Leader ,  From the land that was burned ,  Noble man
Beauregard Beautiful look ,  Beautiful handsome
Bradshaw A very big thicket ,  A broad meadow grassland or thicket
Brady Descendent of a dishonest but thriving chief ,  Free spirited and broad minded person
Bronson Son of the brown skinned one ,  A son of the brownhaired man
Cameron One with a crooked nose ,  He has a crooked nose
Campbell Twisted mouth ,  She has a crooked mouth
Carter Cart driver ,  A person who uses a cart
Chambers Maintaining chambers ,  The one who is a servant
Chanel Narrow as a pipe ,  Pipeline or a duct
Chapelle Living near a church ,  The one who lived by a church
Claire Bright ,  Clear ,  Appealing to everyone ,  Bright and clear
Coleman Working with coal ,  A small and stocky bird that resembles a pigeon
Connolly Descendent of conghal ,  A wise person who is also brave
Corrigan A spear ,  Wielder of a little spear a war weapon
Cortez A refined ,  Accomplished person ,  Courteous polite in manners well behaved and respectful
Crawford Crow ford ,  Ford where crows gather ,  From the crows ford
Davis Adored ,  St davids son
Delaney From the black river ,  One who performs dark challenges
Diedrich A powerful ruler of the people ,  A mighty ruler of the general people
Diesel People ,  Race ,  One who beongs to a certain race of people
Douglas The dark waters ,  The origin of dark water
Draydon Unclear ,  A fantastic human being
Eckhart As strong as a keen edged sword ,  To keep on point that is able to cut or pierce
Eldridge Aged counselor ,  A sage like faithful and wise advisor
Everly From a wild boar meadow ,  A word which describes a strong and sturdy person like a boar
Fairbanks Living near a lovely bank ,  A bank along the pathway
Fairfax Pretty hair ,  One with blonde hair
Fitzgerald Son of a powerful ruler ,  Essentially means the male offspring of gerald
Fitzpatrick Son of patrick ,  Literally meaning the male offspring of patrick ,  Translated from irish mac giolla phdraig
Franklin Free owner of land ,  Obtained from anglofranco word fraunclein the name means a free landmaster
Fulbright Extremely famous ,  The one who is an outstanding person or extraordinary man
Gallagher Help from foreigners ,  The one who is very keen to support
Galloway Strange ,  Foreign route ,  One who is a foreigner ,  Of another land
Gardner A gardener ,  One who is a caretaker of a garden
Gaylord A dandy ,  The person who is much concerned with his dress and appearance
Gilmore Servant of the virgin mary ,  Gilmore is a celtic male name it means the servan of mary
Grant Great ,  Large ,  Tall ,  Derived from the anglonorman graund graunt meaning tall
Graves A steward ,  Graves is the surname which was use in old days
Hall From a hall ,  Kind forgiving
Hamilton Bare hill ,  Mutilated crooked and dun hill
Hampton Homestead within a settlement ,  Homestead farm
Harrison Harrys son ,  Son of harry
Hartman Fast runner
Hatcher From flood gates of a dam ,  Old english gate keeper
Hayward Protector of a fence ,  Guardian
Henderson Henrys son ,  Son of the henry
Hildebrand Sword used in battles
Hill Hill