Cute Baby Girl Names

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Ada Graceful ,  Noble ,  Fulfilling a duty ,  Paying ,  Kind ,  Nobility ,  The oldest daughter ,  Happy ,  Ornament ,  Child of the red earth ,  Brightness ,  Prosperous ,  Style ,  Prosperous happy
Aimee Beloved ,  Dearly loved
Alida Graceful ,  Noble ,  She who is noble
Alva Female elf ,  Noble friend ,  Elf friend or old friend ,  An exalted white old friend who have supremacy of an supernatural being
Amelie A mighty hard working defender
Arwen Noble maiden ,  A holy and blessed individual
Ashby Coming from the ash tree farm ,  Ash tree farm
Bailey Governor ,  Bailiff ,  An administrator or a manager ,  A goddess
Belle Beauty
Bente One who is blesssed ,  Blessed ,  Form of benedict
Blaze Flame ,  Conflagration ,  A flame
Bonita Attractive ,  A pretty little woman
Bonnie Attractive ,  An attractive and charming woman
Bronwen A white breasted woman
Brooke From a stream ,  One who is from teh brook
Callie Free woman ,  The most beautiful one
Caterina A woman who is pure and genuine
Christabel Beautiful follower of lord jesus the son of god
Cinderella The female lead of a fairytale ,  Belonging to the ashes
Coby Following after ,  One who acts as a supplanter ,  One who replaces or takes place of someone else
Coco Spanish meaning is to help someone in need
Connie Steady ,  Permanent ,  Hero ,  A courageous person who is respected and admired by all
Darby A settlement where deer come ,  Independent man
Earla It means a noble warrior
Eda A wealthy guardian angel who is well mannered ,  To strive for wealth
Eldora Golden ,  The name given to many saints
Eloise Healthy woman ,  A healthy and wide individual
Emiko This name means a prosperous and beautiful child
Emilia Competitor ,  Rival ,  This name means to rival or emulate or excel
Emma Universal woman ,  Entire ,  All ,  The meaning of this name is universal whole
Eulalia Good talker ,  A saint who got martyred
Evi One who breathes and lives
Farrah Joy ,  Joyful ,  A hapy feeling
Fay Fairy ,  Little fairy ,  A fairylike woman
Finian White ,  Fair ,  Fair lightcolored or white (haired)
Flora Like a flower ,  Flower a nature name ,  Derived from the latin word floit means a flower ,  Roman goddess of spring
Frankie Woman from france ,  Modified from the name frank the name means a frank or frenchman who is free
Freya Beloved ,  In norse mythology freya was the goddess of love ,  Lady
Gwendolyn Blessed bow ,  Fair bow ,  White ring ,  Blessed ring ,  Variation of gwendolen
Heidi Graceful ,  Noble ,  Of noble birth
Ilona Torch of light
Inez Spanish variation of agnes which means pure or virginal
Iona Born on an island ,  Form of jonah meaning dove
Isolde Fighting the ice battle ,  Ice ruler
Ivana God is merciful ,  The gift of yahweh
Jolie Lovely girl ,  Pretty ,  Feminine form of joel ,  A spelling variation of joely
Kaya Wealth ,  Flower ,  Korean kingdom ,  Elder sister ,  Native american little but wise ,  African home ,  Japanese yew
Kim Cyneburgs clearing ,  From the royal fortress meadow ,  Chief war ,  Armlet ,  Regal hill ,  Golden ,  Noble or brave ,  What ,  Kim means noble or brave
Kimani Kimani means one who is beautiful and sweet
Leonie She who is like a lioness
Lia Beautiful rose ,  A weary mistress or ruler
Libby Promise of god ,  A person who made an oath to the god
Lilou Occitan pet form of french liliane
Lucienne Illumination glow
Lyn Waterfall ,  A lionlike leader
Mabel Adorable ,  Old french lovely ,  To love ,  My beautiful one ,  A shortening of the spanish name mara isabel
Macy Armed ,  Hill one who comes from the hills