Brainiac Names

We have 96 Brainiac Names in our list.

Brainiac names are for intelligent, parents who want their children to be intelligent chose Brainiac names. We have Brainiac girl names, Brainiac male names & also Brainiac nicknames in our list.

Abbey Intelligent ,  Beautiful ,  Father ,  My father is light
Abby My fathers delight ,  Father in rejoicing ,  Father ,  My father is light ,  God is joy
Agatha Goodhearted ,  Good ,  A common greek name which means good many great novelists saints and celebrities are named agatha
Aiken Made from oak trees ,  Oaken
Aileen Torch of light ,  Light
Alaina Valuable ,  Precious ,  Dear child ,  Fair one rock
Albert Aristocratic ,  Bright ,  Noble bright
Aldwin Old friend
Alice Noble ,  Graceful ,  Truth gracious reality
Ally Noble ,  Graceful ,  Arabic high ,  Lofty ,  Sublime ,  Germanic of a noble kind ,  Greek defender ,  A variant of ali
Altman Man who is old ,  A sagacious and intelligent man who are experienced intuitive with idealistic spiritual leadership quality
Alvin Elfs friend ,  A noble companion and friend loved by all having a independent resourceful and practical attitude
Angela Gods messenger ,  An angel sent from heaven to spread peace and love
Aristotle Knowledgeable ,  Wise ,  The sense ,  Excellent best thinker ,  Name of a great philosopher
Arlene Oath ,  Pledge ,  One who is like the oath of god
Arvin Friend to all ,  Experiment ,  Trial ,  A friend of the eagle
Asim Protector ,  Boundless ,  Limitless in sanskrit ,  Guardian ,  One who is protector and the guardian
August Exalted ,  Name derived from lord augustus
Baldwin Bold friend ,  It means a bold and brave friend
Belton Coming from a farm in fenny country
Bernice Victory bearer ,  Bringer of victory
Bradford A person living near a ford ,  A person who hails from a broad ford
Brenda Sword ,  A sharp weapon ,  A sword
Fletcher One who feathers arrows ,  A maker (and seller) of arrows
Floretta Like a flower ,  Made of flora ,  It represents a flower
Franklin Free owner of land ,  Obtained from anglofranco word fraunclein the name means a free landmaster
Frona One with common sense ,  The one who can control himself under any tough situations
Gabby Gods bravest woman ,  Hero of god ,  From the name gabrielle
Gabriel Gods bravest man ,  God is my strength
Gabrielle Gods bravest woman ,  God is my strength
Gaines Ingenious ,  Clever man ,  Fraud or dishonesty
Galvin White ,  Bright ,  Refers to tiny brownish european song bird
Garrett As hard as a spear ,  Derived from gerald (rule of the spear) or gerard (brave and strong as spear)
Gene Of noble descent ,  Refers to upper class or high class born
Germaine Sister ,  Refers to a young branch new growth
Gertrude The strongest spear ,  The might of the spear
Gilbert Bright young man ,  Gilbert means shining pledge or bright pledge it is a male name of french and germanic origins that is also used as a surname
Gillian Daughter of jupiter ,  Gillian is a female name of latin origins it means blessing
Goodwin Gods friend ,  Friend of god the one with good dees and qualities who will always be ready to help and lead others
Grace Elegant ,  Graceful woman ,  Graceful ,  Grace which means decency with a special beauty
Grady Son of gradaigh ,  Grady means a noble person or a sign of nobility
Graham Gravel homestead ,  A boy from the gray house gray is the sign of intelligence
Graydon A gray hill ,  Graydon means a person who have gray haired gray hair are sign of intelligence
Gus Various ,  The most coolest kid ur ever met
Hadley Meadow of heathers ,  From the heath covered meadow
Halden Half dane ,  Old norse half dane ,  English from denmark
Hansford A rocky ford ,  He who comes from the stony ford
Harriet Ruler of the house ,  Rules the home
Henley From a high wood ,  Hen wood high wood
Herbert Famed warrior ,  Illustrious warrior army bright
Hewitt Heart ,  Spirit ,  Little smart one
Howard Strong heart ,  He who is a defender on men
Icarus Follower
Ilene Torch of light
Isaac One who brings laughter ,  He will laugh he will rejoice
Ivy Climbing plant ,  Climber ,  Ivy plant ,  An evergreen climbing ornamental plant ,  A vine ,  Gods gift ,  Fragrant ,  Climbing vine plant ,  Yew ,  A creeper ,  Botanical name or name of a flower and also the name of a place in france
Jackson Son of jack god is merciful ,  Son of jack (god is gracious)