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Aadolf Distinguished ,  Strong wolf
Aaliyah Exalted ,  Sublime ,  Sunshine ,  Bright ,  To ascend ,  High ,  Lofty ,  Highly exalted ,  Tall ,  Towering ,  The high ,  Exalted one ,  High exalted ,  The name means to ascend high lofty sublime highly exalted tall towering the high exalted one
Aapeli Breathing
Aapo Father of many nations ,  Finnish form of abraham or being father of multitude
Aaron Mountain of strength ,  Exalted one ,  High mountain ,  Enlightened ,  Messenger (hebrew) ,  Enlighted ,  From the old testament aaron
Aart As powerful as an eagle ,  Celtic stone ,  Bear ,  German thor ,  The eagle ,  A variant form of arthur
Aatami Man
Abarrane Mother of multitude ,  Being mother of multitude
Abbas Stern ,  Lion ,  Grimfaced ,  The name of one of mohammeds uncles ,  (hebrew) father ,  Description of a lion ,  Looking austere ,  Name of mohammads uncle
Abbey Intelligent ,  Beautiful ,  Father ,  My father is light
Abbott Father ,  Fatherpreist ,  Father of abbey
Abby My fathers delight ,  Father in rejoicing ,  Father ,  My father is light ,  God is joy
Abdiel Servant of god ,  Servent of god
Abdul Servant of god ,  Person supposed to be religious in his or her faith tradition
Abel Breathing ,  Usually it means vanity or breath or tansitory
Abela Breathing ,  Alternative of abelia french ,  Means source of life that is breath
Abelardo Breathing ,  Basically it means generous kind ans solid personlaity
Abelino Bird ,  Means unsure pet form of avila