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Thomas belongs to 'Aramaic, Australian, Portuguese & Slovak' Origin.




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Thomas originates in Aramaic and means "twin". As a masculine given name it has been used over centuries and in different spellings all over the world. This was the name of one of the authors of Gospels, as well as one of the apostles. The usage of Thomas has declined in the United States lately. It functions as a surname as well.

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Famous Thomas

    Alma Thomas -> American Modernism artist

    Blaine Thomas -> baseball player

    Kristin Thomas -> actress

    Clara Thomas -> published author

    Damien Thomas -> actor

    Hollis Thomas -> football player

    Holly Thomas -> published author

    Irma Thomas -> singer

    Iwan Thomas -> athlete

    Jameson Thomas -> actor

    Jonathan Taylor Thomas -> actor

    Kurt Thomas -> basketball player

    Lowell Thomas -> journalist

    Marco Thomas -> football player

    Melody Thomas -> actress

    Myles Thomas -> baseball player

    Olive Thomas -> actress

    Thomas Alva Edison -> inventor

    Thomas Jefferson -> former US President

    Thomas Ivan -> hockey player

    Thomas Mann -> author

    Thomas Smith -> hockey player

    Thomas Berger -> author

    Thomas Brown -> football player

    Thurman Thomas -> football player